Talk Fest - Aspects of Publishing




Have you ever wondered about being published? Do you have an unfinished manuscript lurking in your wardrobe? Come and find out how to go about it.

These talks will be hosted or led by Cathy Oliver, the editor at the helm of Streamline Publishing. Cathy has been an editor in-house and as a freelancer for 35 years in trade and educational publishing. She trained at Heinemann Australia, Macmillan Australia and Horwitz Grahame/Ashton Scholastic. Cathy was also a Children’s book buyer at Dymocks CBD and a teacher.
Cathy warmly welcomes you to come and discuss all things to do with editing and publishing printed books at these interactive sessions.

August 7 ‘Publishing options in 2022’.
Traditional, Self, Indie? Open access? What do these terms mean and which is right for you? What costs are typical?

August 14 ‘The publishing process’.
From the final first manuscript to a finished book: what do editors do? Editorial and production schedules and costs. How much control will you have over your work?

August 21 ‘What do publishers want in submissions?’
Tips and some models.


Entry to other sessions includes a book or voucher to the value of $15 from ELTHAMbookshop and light refreshments.


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